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Aim of this page is to CLEAN

C - Connect
L - Learn
E - Educate
A - Apply
N - Navigate

Why engage here?
The post-covid era is filled with INNOVATIONS in all sectors, especially in the IT or the Information Technology World. You hear words such as ChatGPT, Bard, RPA, OCR, AI, Generative AI, Robotics, and so on. Each of these has huge potential to change the business landscape and it is important that we are able to CONNECT Educational Institutions with Business and Students.
We have created this FORUM to Empower all the stakeholders and come out as winners.

What can be expected?
a. We will bring you what is happening in the educational institutions through Interviewing the Professors in the IT Department.
b. Companies informing about the NAVIGATION through the Real World of business.
c. Students LEARN, EDUCATE, and APPLY to Empower their career.
d. The Teachers, Businesses, Managers, and Students can ask Relevant questions and get them answered.

What is your commitment?
Join, Observe, Participate, Share, and Reach Your Goal
Stay tuned for an Exciting Journey of Discovery

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