what is web 3 0 and How its change your Business

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Web 3 0 is the latest Internet technology that leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to achieve realworld human communication. The icing on the cake is that web 3 0 not only allows individuals to own their data but they will be compensated for their time spent on the web
There is not a fixed definition yet for web 3 0 But after taking into account its parameters in web design, we have developed a basic level definition that can explain web 3 0
Web 3 0 is a machine learning  AI-driven web that will offer the users useful, relatable, and valuable search results based on the exact context of their search. Also, this web design is supposed to eliminate data monopoly by implementing decentralized systems like blockchain and protect user data from being abused.”
why you update for web 3 0 
Users will be allowed to sell data to advertisers. Moreover, Web 3.0 will provide more accurate and relevant search results to users, thanks to the better understanding and interpretation of data.
How to prepare yourself for Web 3.0
In the Web 3.0 era, the digital world will be a place where you can be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do. It is going to be a world where reality and virtuality are seamlessly integrated.
The WEB 3.0 ERA will also bring about a new type of entrepreneur who is able to create their own avatar, or digital representation of themselves, which they can use in the virtual world as well as in real life. This new type of entrepreneur will have an avatar that reflects their personality and values so that it's easier for them to find like-minded people with whom they can connect on SOCIAL MEDIA platforms, such as Facebook or INSTAGRAM
The future of the web is not something that we can predict. It's our responsibility to think about how it will evolve and what will be the role of our business in this new world. As entrepreneurs, we should think about how our skill sets can help us in Web 3.0 and make sure that we are ready for any changes that this new era might bring.

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