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e commerce is becoming a more crowded arena by the day, and standing out is a must if you want success online. Fortunately, showcasing your products is one of the things WK360 does best, and one of the many ways we do it is by illustrating the story of your brand using stunning photography.
Our state-of-the-art studio is fully equipped to the latest spec, and large enough to build physical room sets. Our experienced photographers work both in-studio and on location, and our design team will make sure you have the best props, backgrounds and placements to capture the most dynamic imagery for your online audience.
e commerce needs content, pure and simple. If you have a product to market, then you need imagery to showcase it to your customers. Product photography, such as packaging and cutout shots, is bread and butter work for our studio team, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Great product photography is more than just point-and-shoot photography; it requires an eye for detail, an organised mindset and a motivation to get the best shot to present goods in an engaging way.We shoot everything from shoes to tea, from nail polish to power tools, and each shot is arranged to show that product’s best features, USPs, pack info, contents, even colour and shape, to instantly catch the attention of the consumer. Clarity is key here, and our professionals have years of industry experience to draw from as they bring your products into the frame. For cut-out shots, we shoot on a white background, with all imperfections, shadows or creases removed in post-production. For pack shots, we keep things as clean as possible, using a neutral background and subtle angles to ensure branding and pack information is always clearly visible.
We can even move beyond the camera to help bring your products into the frame, sometimes before they’ve even left the drawing board. With our photorealistic CGI, we are now able to create photorealistic renders of products and packaging without a physical sample. So if sourcing product for your shoot day is proving difficult, or if you’re keen to get assets to market before the production wheels start to roll, then photorealistic CGI a great alternative.
When you’re taking customers on a digital journey, sometimes you need to create just the right atmosphere to inspire them. With the right imagery you can transport your audience to a showroom at the click of a button - or beautifully present your product range in their ideal setting.
Capturing lifestyle photography that works is no easy task, but we’ve got the experience necessary to bring you the best creative ideas and see your visions through to reality. Our Art Directors will help you decide what is best for your business - what feel you need your images to portray, which props to use and what kind of location would work best. From storyboard scamps to post-production, you’ll be as involved in the process as you want to be, right up until the dazzling finished content.
If you’re looking to build an exciting gallery of lifestyle or room-set photography for your next website or online product launch, look no further. E-commerce is a fast-paced environment but we can deliver and accommodate, whatever your content needs.

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