How to Promote your Business in Online as Free

To help your small business build brand awareness and a strong, dedicated following, here are five free marketing strategies that you can get started with today.
Strengthen your SEO
The higher you rank, the easier it will be for people to discover you. While there are numerous ways you can perform SEO online, today we'll focus on two important SEO tactics to help you market your business more effectively An easy way to be more visible in local search results is to improve your local SEO strategy. You can do this by claiming and listing your business on platforms like Google My Business, Bing Places for business, and Apple Maps Connect. These are free tools 
Traditional SEO 
While local SEO targets a specific geographical area, traditional SEO is for any business looking to expand its digital reach and rank higher in organic search results. This is becoming more important as ecommerce picks up steam in multiple industries across the world. This type of SEO is all about optimising your website, product listings, and general content to improve their discoverability.
Take advantage of social media
Social media is an instant connection to the world—a powerhouse of visually rich content that people are constantly engaging with and sharing. You can establish a social media presence without splurging on paid ads or hiring an influencer to market your business. We encourage you to create a free business profile on any platform your target audience uses and start posting relevant, useful content in your niche.
Start email marketing
email is a versatile tool that every small business should use. The best part is that it's highly customisable and exceptionally affordable. You can target and deliver relevant emails that bring value to specific customers for a fraction of what other marketing channels cost.
Build a business blog
Business blogs are an effective tool to build brand authority and credibility. When you share your expertise by writing optimised blogs specific to your industry, you give more reasons for search engines to display you on results pages. This also helps you build domain authority and generate traffic to your website by reaching a larger audience. 
Join online forums and communities
Online forums are where people exchange ideas and interact with one another about a particular subject. Choose a suitable forum where you can meet prospective customers, participate in discussions, and actively contribute your tips and opinions on topics related to your business. However, be certain that you are adhering to the rules by promoting your company only in appropriate contexts. This is an excellent way to network with potential customers, build relationships, and introduce them to your services at the right time when they are needed. Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Flying Soloare some platforms where you can find dedicated groups or channels related to small businesses.

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