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let's check Advantage and Benefits of crm integration website

What is website integration?
CRM’s, accounts solutions, merchandising systems, business platforms, gateways, networks. Integration can be as simple as importing an excel spreadsheet of products or complex CRM solutions like Salesforce or Sage.
So why link your website and CRM?
Integrating your websites with your 3rd party platforms and applications has a number of benefits to your marketing including processes, automation, seamless management and better communications.
Helping you provide a better customer experience
As your team grows you could end up in a position where it becomes difficult for your team to coordinate with each other, compromising the quality of service for all concerned. For the vast majority of businesses,integrated websites are essential to delivering the requisite experience levels.
Better profiling
You are better informed about your customers and you’ve better visibility of your customer’s behaviour and buying habits.
Customer profiling goes a long way toward determining your marketing campaigns success. Whether you are targeting business or consumer prospects, to be able to effectively communicate with them you need to understand who they are.
Keep customer churn to a minimum
Ensuring you’re demonstrating your value and that you understand their wants and needs.
CRM website integration can help you to track customer satisfaction. Supporting your efforts in nurturing customers. Pushing them along the loyalty ladder to a customer who loves your brand enough they repeatedly buy from you and share your business via word of mouth.
Increased productivity and less admin work
By opting for an automated integration between the two systems, you’re reducing your administration overhead as all that manual copy and paste, or export and import is removed. This leads to increased productivity as it frees up your marketing and sales staff to focus on other things.
Reliable and consistent information
In a recent research report, Ascend2 asked marketing influencers “what are the most important objectives of a marketing data strategy?” Leading the way with 62% was improving marketing data quality. This result is encouraging because if you don’t have accurate data you could be making worse decisions than if you had no data at all.
Increased sales from your marketing
By integrating your website with your CRM, it shortens the sales process, as potential leads are in the system immediately after the initial contact, and it gives your team better data to work, ultimately aiming to improve conversion rates.
Improving the bottom line
Each of these benefits is geared towards improving the effectiveness of your marketing and the bottom line of the business. With less time being spent on admin tasks, improving marketing outreach and improved sales performance.

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